I started painting about 4 years ago. 


Just enjoying the freedom in abstract work and using the colors and creating something in the physical that came from a flow of my imagination & creativity and also from the source of my channeling abilities.

After a mandala workshop that I attended for the first time, I discovered I had a real passion for drawing.

Since that mandala workshop where I learned how to create a mandala, I then wanted to share all the inner guidance and wonderful stories and insights I receive from my soul while journeying in meditation in paintings and drawings. 


You can find my drawings in my Art Gallery.

What I wish to share is just a moment with you!


A moment of fresh air, create together with colors, papers, textures and let our soul take us on this journey in creativity and freedom as I enjoy it myself so much when I draw.

This had been such a precious gift to discover that passion and it did help me heal on so many levels especially sacral and throat chakras that are very much linked to creativity and expression and allowing to welcome any artworks for what they are, without the ego doubting my creations and enjoy each artwork as a gift from the Universe and from my Soul.

Let's journey together towards our Divine creativity!

The workshop will happen in small group of 5 people maximum in order to create a safe space for the energy to flow nicely within yourself, within the group and for me to be able to interact optimally with each of you.

We'll start the workshop by a woman circle to get to know each other and release anything that could block our creativity during the workshop and allow the healing energy to flow within all of us and awake the intuitive & creative energy and connect deeper with our Soul to receive inner guidance throughout the whole workshop.

I will then take you on a relaxing meditation to connect with your Higher Self and your Divine creativity and you'll then start drawing intuitively!

Once all the beautiful artworks are finished, we will then allow a moment of meditation with the creations and finish this journey together sharing about the beautiful artworks that have been created, their stories, emotions, vibrations etc. and about your experience of the journey.

If there are any blockages that surface, we will also allow a private moment to release this together.

The whole experience is about embracing our innate Divine Self and let our Soul lead us towards a surprising journey made of Magic, Freedom, Empowerment and LOVE. Always...




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