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When I arrived in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, I must say that the first 4 days were quite challenging. The fatigue of the long flight from Europe, the cold, the craziness of the city but most importantly the altitude!!! La Paz rests on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. The higher I’ve ever been, even though I’m originally from the (much lower) French Alps :).

I mean, while laying down on my bed I still had the feeling I was climbing Mount Everest… I did not suffer from the altitude with headaches but I did feel very out of breath for any movement I would make. But this feeling got better throughout the days.

As soon as I arrived in La Paz, I did certain activities within the city itself, with the walking tours etc. but I was mostly drawn to Tiwanaku. That ancient city, hosting the pre-incas civilization and ancestors of the Bolivians, the TIWANAKANS. This is an archeological site telling the political and religious history of the Tiwanakan civilisation that settled there between 400AD and 900AD. While visiting the ruins we can see the main temples: Temple Semi-underground, Kalasasaya’s Temple, Akapana’s Pyramid, Pumapumku’s Pyramid and the monoliths.

I feel very drawn to this civilization and it was magnificent to be able to visit this ancient city, feel the energy of the ruins and the remains of this civilization, and meet the beautiful monoliths.

I went to Stonehenge & Avebury at the beginning of the year, developing a huge interest for these sacred sites and their intense energy.

There is not much I have to share about the history of these sites that you would not read all over the internet and I must say that when I visit these sites, I mostly focus on feeling the energy of the place, impregnate with the “etherical” history, contemplate the beauty of Mother Earth & Father Sky, feel deep within what this site is telling me and focusing on more spiritual facts that are never told or when they are, it’s only superficial. I believe in the alchemy of the energy and that I am only energy. When I went to Stonehenge, I really received the message from deep within where I understood there was no real (as in mental) reasons for me to be there but that my energy was required there at that moment, with all the other energies around that created an alchemy for a higher purpose. And I believe that basically happens all the time ;).

I loved seeing how the Tiwanakans and the Incas too always created a balance of masculine & feminine energy with the Sun & Moon Gates within the city structure, how they created temples to connect with the Stars, the Cosmos, the Sacred Waters, the Elements. How connected these civilizations were to the universe and how it was lost throughout history. How the colonization destroyed ancient, magnificent knowledge and how today people keep destroying it by unconscious behaviors and lack of awareness.

We lost the respect of the sacredness of these places and their history

What I like to do when I travel on these sacred sites (and on Mother Earth in general) is to really ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness for my ignorance and for what I have been part of and still am by being human on this Earth right now. And meditate, feel, and offer light and gratitude for the energy of these places that are so important for the world and that we tend to not notice or even destroy on purpose.

I can still feel the intensity of each element of this city, the desert around and the power of Mother Nature. The prayers that were made to the Universe, the ceremonies, the offerings, the simplicity of life and the connection to everything, the understanding of the energy, of the Universe, of the balance of the masculine & the feminine. Their way of living that still feels so inspiring.

So thank you for our ancestors, their wisdom, their love, their light. Sorry for our ignorance and thank you for showing us the way…

Anne x



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