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Wow, the chakras... There is so much to say about them...


As you might have guessed or heard, Indians (from India) have discovered their existence, so in sanskrit chakras mean wheel. The wheel of transmission between the universal consciousness and the body and that connects us to the universe by creating energy when both the Earth energy and the Universal energy meet in these centers.


The chakras work on all layers of the being: body, mind & soul by receiving, transmuting and retransmitting the energy


They are located along the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.


Even though we speak mostly about the 7 chakras, there are many more chakras in the body (and it seems no-one can agree on the same number haha), as well as 72000 nadis that are canals of energy (just like meridians) but again, we focus on the 3 main nadis: Ida (left side of the body, corresponds to the moon and feminine side), Pingala (right side of the body, corresponds to the sun and masculine side), and Sushumna (main Nadi, which when open allows to reach a state of bliss).


These nadis are channels of the energy (that is called either prana, chi, ki etc.) and when they meet, they create these centers of energy, the chakras:

Mooladhara - Root chakra

Swadhisthana - Sacral chakra

Manipuraka - Solar Plexus chakra

Anahata - Heart chakra

Vishuddhi - Throat chakra

Ajna - Third eye chakra

Sahasrara - Crown chakra


Chakras are key for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. They are connected to each layer of the body so it is essential to have a balance of energy between all of these 7 chakras to live a harmonious life. This balance can be achieved through therapeutic and energetic support and daily self-practices.


Personally, I do not see the chakras as being open or closed as one might hear. I prefer to speak of chakras as an energy that vibrates higher or lower depending on the energetic cleaning that has been done with them.


The more one will tend towards a high vibration and the better it will be obviously:) ...


So, you know what to do! let's vibrate high high high !!






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