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During my travels at the encounter of alternative healing methods in the world, I encountered the LOVE of the elephants. .

Elephants have a real power of grounding and connecting to the land. They are guardians of the Earth and are precious and great healers.


There were many moments when I was touched by them. Like this day that started with heavy rain. What a joy to just watch them and walk by their sides. It was a morning that started more slowly than usual and we ended up spending more time in the park, with all the elephants around us. When I saw Yani (the matriarch - the first elephant of the park) arrive. That feeling when looking at those majestic creatures walk towards us was unique and I felt something very powerful and the emotion started to arise. It is very difficult to describe, but at that moment I look at them with so much admiration and welcome this emotion filled with beauty, love and respect for them, who have experienced horrible things from humans and who are still so generous, patient and loving with us.


I would like to express a huge thank you to Yani, Somphon, Tongkham, Thongdeng, Gintala, Sengdao, Mulee, these wonderful beings and healers, for all they do for us.




PS: Just a little conscious reminder... Please avoid the "tourist camps" in which elephants are extremely badly treated. It seems to me that this is also our responsibility as a tourist, a human being, a traveler etc. to choose with awareness our touristic visits...




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