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A cleansing ritual that I often do in order to maintain my vibration as high as possible.

I would like to share with you a cleansing ritual that I often do in order to maintain my vibration as high as possible.

Repeating them often during the week is necessary to prevent any types of energetic pollution.

I would even advise to do it everyday at first to implement and integrate the ritual and then every 2-3 days and then at least every week, especially if you’re highly sensitive.

  • Light a white candle (non scented)

  • Clear your energy field and the energy of the space that you are in with:

  •  Incence​

  • Smudge yourself with the smoke​

  • Prayer (purification prayer)

  • Lay down on your bed and breath in deeply with your diaphragm, focus on your belly, block for 1 or 2 seconds, and breath out with the out very slowly x10 times​

  •  This can be done every morning and night. It’s a very strong clearing process to reestablish the flow of energy and clear your day, or your night (bad dreams etc.)​

  • Ground yourself with the tree meditation, calling on the elements and other earth’s grounding energy. Realign with Mother earth and Father sky’s energies.​ Go within to connect with your heart and the Love, our essence to really ground

  •  Use gounding crystals: Black tourmaline being the most grounding one​

  • Take a bath with sea salt​ and invoke the spirits of the Water and the Salt and address a prayer to get the help from these spirits and your guides and Angels to help you free yourself from any toxic and polluting energy in your auric field and all your bodies.

You can redo any other steps after the bath if need be…​

Wrap yourself up in a bubble of light, visualizing the alignment between Mother earth and Father sky calling on the highest cosmic energies for protection.



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