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This is going deep lately energetically. The collective consciousness is quite heavy.

It’s important to ground everyday and separate from the collective heaviness, fears, obstacles... keep the vibration as high as possible and go deep within to release any blockages that are being processed at the moment.

We’re going through huge waves of awakening to come out of the illusion wherever it lies (outside and inside ourselves) and clearing old, ancestral, karmic, transgenerational wounds. It can feel like tsunamis and can be very unsettling, feeling mixed and dual emotions within and at the same time. Like feeling strong as a lion and totally empty too, all at once. Like you can trust yourself to create and feel totally desperate at the same time too... if you feel this or anything else that seems to be « unlike » what you’ve felt most of your life or « unlike you », this is actually good and OK! It is a process of release.

There are in the meantime synchronicities happening that can make you feel lighter and like everything is aligned. And it is!

Trust this!

This weekend and since a few days, the energies have been a little heavy (well they have for years haha) but it comes and goes and changes intensity. The last few days have been intense and physical pains, migraines, nausea etc. are part of the process too... again, trust! Listen to your inner guidance! Huge changes are happening on so many and subtle levels and planes, feeling confused sometimes is normal.

We’re heading towards a mercury retrograde season starting June 18th (raising the number to 6 planetary retrogrades with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto yay!) and a solar eclipse happening on the new moon June 21st hehe! It’ll rock our world for sure !



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