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In January 2019, I went to Glastonbury one of most sacred sites on Earth since it is considered to be one of the chakras of the Earth.

Indeed, Mother Earth, the Universe and the human body work the same way, with energetic centers, feminine and masculine energies, meridians (Ley Lines) etc. and they all have chakras.

Glastonbury in England is the Third Eye chakra of the Earth

A few facts about Ajna – Third eye chakra

Located in the forehead, between the eyebrows, its purpose is pattern recognition. It has the color indigo and is connected to our intuition and any psychic abilities we all have within, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear knowledge etc.

When balanced it allows to be intuitive, have a good memory, visualize, focus and concentrate, recall the dreams, be imaginative and insightful and knowing your life purpose and sticking to goals.

The high vibration of this chakra is “To see” when its lower vibration is “illusion“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra

Specific yoga postures, visual art, meditation, coloring, drawing, guided visualizations, working with memory, hypnosis etc. and VISIT GLASTONBURY ;).

It is the only chakra that actually moves and it is believed that this chakra moved there in 2012 while entering the Aquarius Age. And Stonehenge (a few kilometers away from Glastonbury) is the Heart Chakra of the Earth.

No need to say how powerful this place is, knowing that 2 major energy centers are so close to each other.

I have been told while staying in Glastonbury that the veil between the visible and invisible worlds there is very thin. Information that I confirm after experiencing magic many times there.

I went to the Goddess Temple many times, to hang out and meditate there and I channeled a message, that came to me very spontaneously, from Ma Anandamayi, a beautiful Indian Saint and I’ve also been able to hear many feminine voices so clearly (knowing I am mostly clairvoyant), I really thought I was losing my mind, but they were actually the 7 Morgen Sisters, worshipped in the Goddess Temple. I was quite surprise when I discovered that the voices I could hear were the spirits of these Sisters.

A similar experience happened when I visited the Chalice Well, where it is said that Joseph of Arimathea buried or washed the cup used at the last supper, giving the springs of that place miraculous and healing properties. The Gardens, the Well and the Sacred Waters provide a soothing atmosphere and allow meditation and magical encounters… I have myself seen the spirit of the spring which offered me a healing ritual to perform with the waters of the spring. I could see her so clearly. I had never experienced such clarity in my visions until then. Again, this has been confirmed by a friend who told me that fairies and nature spirits could often be felt, seen or heard at the Chalice Well…

Glastonbury Tor is a very special place

I felt that the site of the Glastonbury Tor is a huge vortex and portal between Mother Earth and Father sky. When I went under the arch, I started feeling very dizzy and really felt sick. I could feel the movement of the energy spiraling up & down like 2 whirlwinds, one ascending and one descending and it was very powerful. So powerful I could not stay there more than a few minutes. So I went out and contemplated from afar ;)…

Such sacred places in this small town, also a place where a few Essenes came after Yeshua’s resurrection, such as the beautiful Mary Magdalene, who has a chapel dedicated to her there at the St. Margaret’s Chapel & Magdalene Almshouses on Magdalene Street. For those who are close to Mary Magdalene’s energy, she can really be felt all around Glastonbury.

I’ve really enjoyed this week spent in Glastonbury and received a huge 3rd eye opening there and loads of wild dreams…

This was really complementary to the beauty and power of the experience of visiting Stonehenge & Avebury.

I am grateful for these magnificent energies. Let me know if you’ve been there too and what you’ve experienced. We need to share the magic ;)!

Thank you!

Anne x



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