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Lake Titicaca is known for being the Sacral chakra of the Earth.

It seems that most people (from spiritual and quantum physics backgrounds) agree on these energy centers on Earth. I discovered that the Earth had chakras like the human body after a meditation where I saw that the universe itself had chakras too and was “functioning” like the human body, with energy centers that are the chakras etc..

I realized I had already visited the Solar Plexus Chakra in Uluru in Australia in 2009 and that I wanted to visit more of these sacred sites and powerful healing energy centers on Earth. Little by little, my project of traveling around energy healing in the world transformed into traveling on Earth’s Sacred Sites and Chakras and I visited Glastonbury, the Third Eye chakra, Stonehenge & Avebury, the Heart chakra, and now Lake Titicaca, the Sacral Chakra of the Earth :).

Lake Titicaca is a very important energy center on Earth, balancing the masculine and feminine energies on that specific geographic place but also kilometers around and vibrates very high on Earth and other planes to maintain that balance. Indeed most of these energy centers are considered as vortexes which mean they would have a much bigger impact than what we can possibly think.

Here are a few facts about Swadhisthana – The Sacral chakra

Located in the lower abdominal area, its purposes are the movement and connection. It has the color orange and is connected to our creativity, creation powers. This chakra is very connected to our sacred femininity and masculinity.

When balanced, we are creative, passionate, have a healthy sexuality, move gracefully and have the ability to experience pleasure.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To feel and have pleasure” when its lower vibration is “Guilt“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra

Specific yoga postures, inner child meditations, jade egg practice (for women), movement therapy, ecstatic dance etc.

If you want to know more about chakras, please click here.

I was talking to my Bolivian friend Fatima from Uyuni who was telling me that in addition to having a very powerful healing energy for the sacral chakra, the Lake Titicaca washes off the mind… And by spending a few nights near Lake Titicaca, it would clean and purify the mind…

I felt called to go and visit this very sacred place and I did in September 2019. Indeed, I have been working a lot on myself over the past years and specifically on the subject of Sacredness, Sacred feminine & Sacred masculine and balancing these energies within myself, to find the unity within, which I feel is key on my spiritual journey.

So I’ve been called to go to Bolivia and benefit from these sacred energies.

I decided to connect with Lake Titicaca through Bolivia, by the very small and super cute city of Copacabana.

I did feel that the energies on Lake Titicaca (like in most places I have visited during this trip and mostly in Peru) were unfortunately not as pure as I thought and not as high as I thought due to the pollution of tourism. However, spending a few days in Copacabana and getting the chance to see the lake everyday and connect with it was a beautiful gift​.

I have had the chance to spend a day on the Island of the Sun, with wonderful encounters (only women funnily) which made it a really perfect day and a blessing to see the beauty and divinity once again of Mother Earth. The Incas believed the Lake was sacred and I believe it still is and that the Incas could see the sacredness on Earth in all that Mother Earth was gifting us with. They also believed the mountains were Gods and when you see how powerful mountains are and how Divine the Earth is, I can only agree with them :)!

The immensity of the Lake is really breathtaking and it is said to offer the balance of masculine and feminine to the travelers who have been there consciously or unconsciously seeking for this healing.

What a blessing again to receive these gifts from Mother Earth… Thank you!

Love x




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