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One day, as I was deep in meditation while practicing shaking (bio-dynamic meditation), I received a vision after I asked what the human body was made of and what created density.

The vision I received was the following… I started seeing a flow of energy being poured into a container that had the form of a flower, there was so much energy!! The amount of condensed energy was creating density for the flower to form. Then, I’ve been shown what seemed like the reincarnation process of the flower, where it was dying and rebirthing from the same essence…

That condensed energy!

I then asked: ” but what is this energy exactly”. I received the following answer: “LOVE”. My mind and ego were not very happy with that answer, thinking I was making that up and that it was just too simple to be true. I then asked again and received the same answer… Again. Since, I tend to be (a little) stubborn, I did ask the same question again for the third time…

“What is this energy?”

This is when one of my co-shakers, who was shaking beside me in a circle, shouted: “LOVE! LOVE! LOVE”!

“Ok, ok, got it”!!

That very same morning, my teacher answered my question again in the physical world (without me asking him) and said while teaching: “OUR BODY IS LOVE”. Thank you for the confirmation and beautiful message…

Love is our true Essence!

LOVE is all we are & LOVE is all we need!



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