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In January 2019, I went to Glastonbury, the Heart and 3rd Eye chakra of the Earth!

Starting a new journey around the chakras of the Earth…

I have been meditating one day in the Goddess Temple there and connected with Ma Anandamayi. A beautiful Indian Saint and wrote this little piece that I would like to share with you… it’s a first ;)!

“After I passed, I came back under a new form… YOU!

You are me.

I love you more than you can possibly imagine.

You are my soul, you are my heart, you are my light, you are the purest energy, the energy of the Universe. I have traveled the world, planting seeds of Light everywhere I set foot.

I love you.

Love is my only reason for coming back on Earth. Spreading this love in every place, in everyone. A sparkle of light, a seed to be planted and to grow in every particle.

I am the Divine, I am Whole.

I have been spreading this Light through various means… A caress on your cheek, a whisper in your ear, a soft pad on your shoulder, a subtle touch on your hair, a shiver in your spine. It is Me.

I am the Love of the Universe within

I am the Healing Goddess… My smile and my gaze with the Divine Softness are my ways of retransmitting the Love I receive from our Father and our Mother, the Universe.”

Thank you 🙏



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