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Ahhhh mantras ... So much beauty! These sacred chants filled my daily life with divine vibrations since my trip to Bali a few years ago where I discovered the Gayatri Mantra, the most famous Hindu mantra and many others ... Since then, I use them a lot in my daily practice.


The mantras are at the heart of the Indian Vedic culture. In Sanskrit, the first syllable "man" means manas, the mind and "tra" means what protects, preserves or calms. So, the mantra is an instrument to calm the mind, preserving it from the daily agitation.


The human body is about 75-80% water, depending on our age etc. Which means that we are vibrations, energy, and react to the vibrations of our environment. The mantra, being a sound, will emit a vibration to which our whole being will react.


The vibrations emitted by a mantra are of great power, since every letter, every word, has been retransmitted by the rishis (transcendentalist sages) who have received these sacred, divine songs through meditation. It is therefore essential to pronounce these chants well, since each word has a particular vibration and it is this vibration that will act, heal, transcend and purify the consciousness, by acting on our vasanas (latent tendencies, patterns of behavior) through a powerful cleansing that happens beyond the ego or even that incarnation.


Everything happens at the vibratory level!


The understanding of the mantra is beyond the level of the mind, so it is not necessary to understand the meaning of the mantra for it to work on us. Just like listening to a mantra will have a purifying effect without having to sing it.


The mantra will therefore have a balancing effect on vital energy and the nervous system, will purify the nadis (energy channels) and enhance concentration and creativity. It's a real physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing.


Here are the main Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh mantras and my favorite ones:


The Gayatri mantra

The Mool mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum

The Mantra of the Buddha Medicine



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