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There are different Vipassana retreats, and the one I chose, that resonates the most with me is the Vipassana method according to Goenka.


There are also monasteries that offer Vipassana retreats (in Thailand in particular) or other structures called Vipassana, with a much lighter program, ability to speak, walking meditations etc.


Goenka's Vipassana retreat is very intense, challenging (to say the least) and really pushes for introspection. I arrived a Friday afternoon around 2pm, ready (or not) to spend the next 10 days in silence, meditating 10 hours a day. I was a little apprehensive, I must be honest. I had made this decision a few months prior to this day and I had met several people who had attended a Vipassana retreat who shared their experiences with me.


For me, it was an experience of rare intensity. A huge introspection ... As Goenka says, it's a surgical operation of the mind.


If you want to find the complete program of a Vipassana retreat, visit their website.


If you feel called or interested and want to do this retreat, just ask yourself, you have your answers and follow your intuition, your inner guide.


I did not think then that I would want to do a second one, but now I'm actually considering it very seriously. I see it more like a gift I am offering to myself, a space to introspect and find inner guidance and peace and mostly clear my mind of all the pollution. I have noticed the evolution of my mind each day especially towards more clarity and I will gladly go back for a few days of retreat when I can. It is indeed a great present to indulge myself with.



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