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I’ve always had crazy vivid dreams and over the past years will all the healing journey I’ve gone through and with all the clearing and purging that I have realized on all levels of my being, these dreams and my intuition & sensitivity became sharper and sharper.

Last year I had that dream where I was staying with a lot of people, friends close to me and other poeple outside of my grandparents house and it was night time.

We were out on the terrasse watching a rain of shooting stars when they transformed into meteorites that were crashing on the Earth.

From there, we suddenly moved scenery to arrive in a huge room that looked like an airport hall with huge windows. There were a lot of people there. Something was happening outside the window, so I walked up to the window and saw the atmosphere, the sky, everything surrounded by a very vibrant and soft orange color with this huge halo of light, like a white rainbow. Everyone was calm and quiet despite the « chaos » of the situation.

And then I was told I had to meet the Council Of Light.

There were escalators and automatic doors opening and closing. When I was on my way to the council I actually crossed path with my mother and my brother who were coming back from the council and the message they gave me looking quite happy with themselves was «  don’t take the spicy pill ». Haha! I know it sounds line a very famous movie but Keanu was not there :(...

And then I woke up...

I guess you’ll have your own perception and interpretation of this dream. But I kept remembering it over the months and it feels so relevant today.

It is not the end of the world... it is the end of "A" world. And whatever happens today is guided and protected by higher consciousness. And as life and the universe’s fundamental law is FREE WILL, there is nothing happening without our soul’s agreement whether we are conscious of it or not. Which just means to me that whatever happens, we have chosen on so many other levels that are not perceivable or even sometimes not understandable by our human minds. But that does not means that it’s not ok on other levels, and precisely at the soul & universal levels.

What I am sharing today is just a message of hope, that there is light also in these difficult times and it’s essential to keep faith and trust that there is a higher purpose behind the chaos and that human beings are also very creative and it’s often in these times of great chaos that the beauty rises and expands. That’s what I believe in and will keep believing in human kind, in the fact that we’re heading towards a new era that we are going to co-create, within our hearts, with Love and in unity!




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