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We are vibrations so it makes sense to receive sound therapy to balance energy, clear blocages and heal.

Upon my arrival in Nepal, I started enquiring about singing bowls therapy and I heard about Peter Hess who actually is German and who's been coming to Nepal and studied the singing bowls for over 20 years and train the locals on the technique while also recovering the ancient knowledge of the production of these precious jewels. He has identified the below (most important) effects of sound massage:

Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to the person’s original trust

Gentle massage and harmonisation of each individual body cell through sound

Relief of tensions and blockages in the body

The client experiences her or his body to be pleasantly light and freely vibrating

Reinforcement of self-healing forces

Positively impact our self-confidence, creativity and productive energy

Attain renewed joy of life

Relinquish old patterns – a new order can evolve .



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