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I have had the chance to visit sacred places all around the Earth and also specifically, some of the Earth’s chakras when going to Australia in 2009 and visiting Uluru & Kata Tjuta which is the Solar Plexus chakra of the Earth and this year, in January 2019, to visit Glastonbury, the Third Eye chakra of the Earth and Stonehenge & Avebury, the Heart Chakra of the Earth.

A few facts about Anahata – Heart chakra

Located in the middle of the chest, its purposes are love and balance. It has the color green and is connected with our ability to love and be loved unconditionally.

When balanced, we show compassion, ability to give and receive, forgiveness, generosity, empathy, self-love, devotion.

Its high vibrations are “To love and be loved” and its lower vibration is “grief

Self-healing practices for this chakra

Specific yoga postures, breathing exercises (pranayama), heart opening mediations, journaling, self discovery, emotional release of grief, self-acceptance etc. and VISIT STONEHENGE ;).

If you want to know more about chakras, please click here.

We often and mostly hear about Stonehenge, but I feel that Avebury is as important as Stonehenge. Like 2 polarities completing each other. Stonehenge being the Masculine polarity (with a very masculine vibe to the structure of the site) and Avebury that has a more peaceful, soothing, feminine kind of vibe that is also seen in its structure, that is more round feeling like a circular womb in a way (you can see the Avebury circle from above here).

It’s really a feeling I perceived very strongly when I arrived on the Avebury sacred site, it might not be as easy to perceive the distinction of energies between both sites on pictures. Feeling the masculine & feminine polarities has been confirmed to me by a few locals I met and who are sensitive and intuitive beings too.

It was a very sunny and intense day in terms of energy. In both locations I felt strong energies, but it is true that Stonehenge has this very powerful energy. That energy hit me right in the heart and from there went down to ground myself in the Earth. I could really feel this distinct flow of energy, going from my heart center, vibrating through my body with this very powerful grounding energy down to the Earth.

I could also feel like waves, vibrations, radiating from the center of the stones all around for kilometers and kilometers around that site.

The stones that Stonehenge is made of are Preseli Bluestone, from Wales. These stones are said to radiate power, carry huge healing powers, create a doorway to other dimensions as well as providing stability & anchoring into the Earth’s energy.

There are plenty of theories on how men could have brought the stones there to create Stonehenge. My opinion on this would be much more spiritual and less “logical” to the mind of course…

But I will let you listen to your own guidance and make up your own opinion on that ;).

I could feel the presence of the ancient civilizations in Stonehenge like Lemurians and also the energies of the Grand Ascended Masters. Feeling those energies there and how Stonehenge is actually a huge portal of cosmic energies and an anchor to Mother Earth’s energy, I feel these sacred sites all had a Universal goal, answering a Universal plan (maybe to help keep an earthy and cosmic balance (that us human tend to want to destroy so badly) and with Universal ways of doing it…

Everything was and still is ENERGY!

I feel also that going to such sacred sites requires a minimum of consciousness. To me, it is so much more than walking on a historical site. There’s so much more power in terms of healing and consciousness that we can get by visiting these places. I am now in Peru and I see all the pollution that tourism brings on these high vibrational sites. It does affect their energy and it’s in our power to walk on these highly helpful and vibrational places with awareness.

If you ever go there or have been there, I would love to hear about your experiences and feelings of these sacred sites.

Love, x




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