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Yoni means the womb in sanskrit and can also be the source or vagina and can be translated as “the source of all life”. The practice of the Yoni Egg or Jade Egg is a practice from ancient China, when empresses used the Jade Egg in order to keep sexual youthfulness for their lovers.


By inserting a jade egg into the yoni, it helps exercise the pelvic floor and tone the vagina in order to experience abundance, excellent health and lasting youthfulness.


In addition to strengthening the muscles in these areas, the benefits of the Jade crystal will help clear traumas related to sexuality.


On a more spiritual level, it will also help clear the sacral chakra by intensifying the Chi energy in the lower chakras, where the kundalini, the life force & sexual energy lie. Once intensified inward, it will then be used to move it upward and create spiritual experiences by bringing the sexual energy to the higher chakras.


Why Jade? Jade is a beautiful stone to heal the heart chakra like most (if not all) of the green stones. It will then have a double healing property to help heal the sacral chakra and intimate area and connect to the heart

The benefits of the Yoni Egg:

-Strengthen pelvic floor & perineum

-Helps, prevents & can reverse urinary incontinence

-Prepares & helps recover after giving birth

-Balances hormones & reduces PMS

-Heightens sensitivity & sexual pleasure

-Boosts libido and self confidence



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