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Uluru aka Ayers Rock is a sacred mountain worshipped by the aboriginal people of Australia and is located in the Australian desert, right in the center.

I have had the immense chance to go there in 2009 while living in Australia and I remember perfectly the sacredness of this mountain, the beauty of the Australian outback, the power of such landscapes and the aboriginal stories carved on the rock of the mountain.

Uluru is also known as the solar plexus chakra of the Earth so visiting this sacred site will bring you solar healing energy whether you are conscious of it or not.

Manipuraka – Solar Plexus chakra

Located in the solar plexus area (navel), its purpose is the transformation. It has the color yellow and is connected to the “I AM”, our highest potential and power.

When balanced, we show good self esteem, warmth, good health, vitality, reliability and sense of responsibility, confidence and courage.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To act and be an individual” when its lower vibration is “shame

Self-healing practices for this chakra

Specific yoga postures, grounding and emotional contact, stress control (relaxation), vigorous exercise (running etc.), martial arts etc. and VISIT ULURU ;).

I feel so honored and grateful to have had the chance to visit such a powerful place and to have been welcomed by these sacred spirits 🙏

After visiting Uluru, I did a beautiful walk in Mount Olga to discover this view as a reward after the hike! I remember this day and that view and the feeling of awe that I felt when I saw so much beauty, even though this goes back to 10 years ago.

That view is one of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in my life (still now) and I am so grateful for this sacred day in the Australian desert and the discovery of such sacred energies held in the beautiful landscapes of Uluru and Mount Olga.

Thank you Mother Earth for showing so much divine beauty…



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