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As a lot of people, I assumed that Yoga was a nice physical activity, aligning the layers of my being (body, mind and soul), by practicing postures with awareness etc. Well, it is true and also super far to what Yoga really is. Indeed, the physical part with the practice of postures is super precious, and it's also just a tiny bit of the Yoga practice.


Thanks to India & beautiful encounters along my journey towards Alternative healing methods in the world, I received many precious teachings and guidance in my practice.


I can share a little bit of it here. At least the main points of Yoga... There is so much more than just an IG post, but here are a few facts that can help introduce Yoga...

"The source", Patanjali, who lived in India probably in the third century before Christ and whom we know very little about, was a sage that compiled the texts about yoga from many authors, creating the Sutras that serve as map for the inner journey and that represent today the purest distillation of knowledge of yoga.


"Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence, and only when the mind is silent can we realize our true nature, the effortless Being of Self."


This is Patanjali's entire message contained in the first 4 sutras. The 190 other sutras are an expansion of this brief introductory statement.


YOGA MEANS UNION - Between body, mind, soul and spirit, to connect the soul with the supersoul, by doing the best in one's action through mastering the mind and lose one's ego.

The ultimate goal being to reach a making decision process based on the soul connection and guidance. To reach bliss, joy, and freedom and create one's Sadhana (spiritual practice). I mostly practice yoga to reach a meditative space.


Indeed, the postures allow to quiet the body, making it more comfortable and flexible to then enter the meditation state. If the body is quiet, it'll help quieten the mind. As well as all the other parts of yoga, such as moral codes, breathing, concentration etc. etc. that create the 8 limbs of yoga to reach Samadhi, that is the settled mind - the superconscious state, when individual consciousness expands itself to cosmic consciousness.





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