For all the Nurturing Love that we carry, for the power of our feminine divinity, for the beauty of our vulnerability and for the grace of our being.

After reconnecting with my sacred feminine and healing both feminine and masculine energies to reach a balance and unity within myself, I've become more and more aware of the power and beauty of Women. And how when women gather together, to journey together through an activity, creating, working, or just being, it always creates MAGIC.

I have trained in women wisdom as red tents & rites of passage facilitator to help women transition on their life journey. Training in women wisdom and all the other practices I learned allowed me to go deep within myself and heal on so many levels.

Having gone through huge transformational processes over the past years and a reconnection with my Higher Priestess and being very close to Isis and her teachings in women mysteries as well as Marie, Marie-Magdalene and other beautiful Goddess Energies of all traditions, I decided to create a program to help women reconnect with their truth, with the Goddess & High Priestess within.

I am so in awe and inspired by women!


3 modules to help you transition from one vibration to another, pass from one stage to another with women wisdom practices, Rites Of Passage and so much more...

  1. Introduction To Your Sacred Feminine - 4 modules & 1 rite of passage 

  2. Walking The Priestess Path - 4 modules & 1 rite of passage 

  3. The Sacred Union - 4 modules & 1 rite of passage


  • A better understanding of Sacred Femininity & Sacred Masculinity

  • A profound healing within yourself

  • An opening of the Heart

  • A deeper inner guidance from your soul

  • Empowerment

  • Inner & Outer transformations

  • A great sense of feeling ONE with yourself, with the whole, with the Universe

  • An increase in your creativity

  • A connection to the Elementals and to the Highest Energies

  • A deeper guidance from your inner guidance

  • Peace

  • Love

To Come January 2021

I am happy to discuss any of this content with you so please feel free to contact me for any further information you may require.



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