I am the channel for your highest potential & healing to manifest


I use all the tools & techniques I have trained in: from hypnosis and NLP to energy healing as well as the healing of the wounded feminine and masculine, and through my own personal healing journey, to provide a holistic approach.

I offer various ways to transcend and transmute what comes up in a session through active listening and guidance, guided visualization/meditation, energy healing, writing or channeling a message.

What happens in a session depends only on what is available for you at that moment and what we can co-create. 

In my experience I have been able to accompany people with:

- Reconnection to your soul, your path and your sacredness

- Soul retrieval: revisit a soul memory that created a trauma that is still within you on different planes and levels, to transmute this memory with light and bring peace to the situation and blocked energy and reinstall the natural flow of energy

- Balancing, alignement, purification, activation, reprogramming of the chakras and the aura

- Building a bridge with the invisible realms and receive messages from deceased family members, angels, ancestors and guides etc.

- Guidance that help bring consciousness to unconscious patterns and liberate blocked energies through the healing session

This can be done at a distance and will be as efficient. 

With Love, x



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